Primary 3 Resources App

The app you need to teach from the Primary 3 Manual. Carry the entire library of pictures and other resources to church on your phone or tablet. No internet connection required.

In the LDS Church the young children, ages 3 to 11, attend what is known as Primary. We have weekly lessons. We sing and have a generally good time learning about Jesus Christ and our Father in Heaven. Teachers use a manual for lessons and other resources including a set of pictures specific to the particular manual. The manual and pictures come to the teachers in a binder. Generally, in order to use the pictures in class, we either lug the binder or we remove the pictures we need from the binder in their sleeves and take them to class. But this app eliminates the need to do that. Install the app on your tablet or phone and carry it instead. You are taking your phone or tablet with you anyway. Now it can work for you as a teaching tool with all the Primary 4 pictures conveniently in your hands.

  • Show the Pictures full screen – just double tap!
  • Swipe down to return to the image listing
  • All resources are broken down by lesson. Just select your lesson from the menu in the left side bar!
  • Instructions are included in the app.
  • The app also has links to outside resources like Sugardoodle and Chicken Scratch n Sniff. We can add the resources you use too. Just email us with your ideas. The email address is right in the app on the about screen, or contact us right here on the site.
  • All the images are copyright protected and should only be used for Church purposes.

Once installed the app does not require any internet connection. All the pictures are in the app.

Primary 3 Screen Shots

Phone: Click to open expanded view.